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To all of these beautiful souls that are worried about future jobs. Ask this: Do you really want to work at a place that doesnt "accept" dreadlocks? If we continue to mold into the shapes they are creating, it will be like this forever. Go to every job interview with your beautiful locks and SHINE!


i am working as a teacher in a school for difficult youngsters and everybody loves my 7 yrs old locks there ^^

That’s awesome to hear! Thanks for letting us know!

I started my dreads two years ago when I worked at a call center and I'd gotten hired on a year and a half before that with a mohawk and facial piercings. Call centers are the best because they have virtually no dress code and the customers can't make stupid comments based on your appearance.
i work in pub and have a full head of dreads, i just wrap them up into a big bun when i want to look smarter. they have never effected me getting a job but to be honest i wouldn't want to work somewhere that doesn't except me for who i am.

I’m exactly the same. I just tie them up in a bun when I need to look smart and any place that would have a problem with something so ridiculous wouldn’t be worth working there anyway!

I don't have a full head of dreads but I have a few at the back. I did work experience at an animal hospital and after a couple of weeks they hired me to work there almost everyday. Obviously they didn't mind, and dreads are not what define your ability to do a certain job :)

Exactly! I haven’t had any negativity towards my dreads yet and I hope it stays that way!

I work at a surf shop, I give surf lessons and work in the store. My dreads are actually what started up the conversation between the boss and I. And once he learned that I have been surfing for nine years. I got the job then and there without an interview.

Amazing! It really does just depend on what types of jobs people want to go for. Clearly in some jobs, dreads are beneficial and are very much appreciated as they should be! Thanks for letting us know!

Just got accepted into the design program at Cornish... New dreadlocks journey and art school journey... Let's do this

Good luck!!

I'm in an education as a dressmaker and in september, I'm in the 2nd academic year. : ]
I worked in a bakery when I was 17, which didn't mind them so long as I wore them up, and I worked in the back anyway. I've also worked in a childcare center, a coffee shop, restaurant and I now work in a bar. And none of those places have really minded as I always present myself nicely. Although you get a few strange looks, most customers are just interested :)
I work for a company that gets people in touch with different schools, so these people can further their educations. I work from home and all of my work with the public is done over the phone. My boss didn't mention anything about my dreads. I also worked at a hotel where I worked as a maid. Again nothing was said about my dreads. In fact all of the guests were really nice and some even complimented me on my hair. A guy even made a point of showing me a pic of one of his friends who has dreads.
It sucks 'cause I really loved it to work there. And it's actually very hard for me to find another job because most people here are narrow minded and have a lot of prejudices. Everytime I apply for a job they're like: "Ooh, she must be unhygienic", "She'll probably be lazy", "She's going to smoke drugs during her hours or she'll sell it to her colleagues", "She doesn't look trustworthy". It's really frustrating because I can be their best worker if I want. But they don't give me a chance.

That really does suck. Don’t give up though while you’re still young. Make an extra effort with the rest of your appearance; make yourself super sharp and show them in an interview that you are the perfect person for the job. Wear your hair to interviews how you would to work and hopefully that might help. Good luck!

i haven't gone to work with my dreads yet, as they're brand new (born yesterday!), but I've wanted them for years and years, and having a desire to be a dreadhead didn't prevent me from having the same job for two years, getting an 8000 dollar a year academic scholarship or skipping my senior year to enroll in college early (: nor did having both nostrils and my tongue pierced, and both ears stretched.

Congratulations! Good luck on your journey! 

i work at target and keep them in a poneytail. they also allow my 19 ear piercings and double nostril to be fully shown, but i really think it depends on your individual managers, not so much the company.

Loving hearing about all of your different jobs!

I think I’m going to make a link at the top of page to show all of your answers about what jobs you have so we can get a nice collection going to prove to people that dreadheads ARE hireable and DO want to work!

People have such ridiculous misconceptions about dreads, we need to prove them wrong. PLEASE keep sending me your jobs/careers/life prospects/stories/experiences with employers and I’ll tag them all as


and make a link at the top of the page to access them all easily.

Peace and love x

I'm a hairdresser! That's rarely because of typical stupid prejudices.. customers maybe could think dreads are unhygienic (blablabla, you know that shit..) but I just got the best workplace with tattooed and pierced freakish people so my dreads are welcome ;)

That sounds perfect!